LMHG Executive


The Executive Committee of LMHG is responsible for organising events and deciding strategy to enable the achievement of our aims:- 


"To maintain and develop the historical links between the armed forces, their supporting civilian services and the local community in the City and District of Lancaster"


Membership of the Executive is open to any member who may either be elected at the Annual General Meeting in May, or co-opted through the year.


Chairman                              Vacant              


Vice President                       Col Peter Dew                     01524 811396           pandpdew12@gmail.com                                 

Vice Chair &

RN Representative              Lt Cdr Adrian Legge            01539 445252           adrian.legge@hotmail.com

Treasurer &

Newsletter                           Sqn Ldr Brian Jefferson       01524 811837 /

                                                                                               07876 710565          piperswood@btinternet.com

Dinner &

Minute Secretary                Pauline Elliot                        01524 69716             pzenaelliott@aol.com

Speaker's Secretary and

Links to University              David Dawson                    01524 67748             david.dawson43@btopenworld.com

Membership Secretary       John Gedge                         01524 33480             jdennyg41@gmail.com

Web Master                         Mike Lamb                           01539 532876 /

                                                                                             07775 736970           mikelamb34th@yahoo.com

Publicity                                Vacant

Social Media                         Mike Irvine

Carol Service                        Vacant

Press Secretary                   Alan Sandham                   01524 67989             alansandham@hotmail.com

Archivist                               Rory Legge                          01539 445252           rory-legge@hotmail.com


Armed Forces Champion  Cllr Roger Dennison          01524 417710          roger.dennison38@gmial.com

Royal British Legion           Andrew Taylor                    07930 994108           andrew1960taylor@btinternet.com

Morecambe AFD                Cdr Tim Roberts                 07557 532520           trobgos@btinternet.com

Sea Cadets                          Lt(SCC) Arthur BAILEY        07500 947352      Arthur_bailey@standfast-barracks.com


We currently have members all over the Country who retain their military link with Lancaster through our Group and occasionally travel to join in our activities. Naturally the majority of members are located in the LA and CA postcode areas.


In common with any other organisation we require a small number of people to take on the responsible committee roles that ensure we function effectively and have an impact in the District. We are always keen to encourage new members to take on these positions.